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1300 Ospreys just in


I now have a large selection of Campaigns, Elite, Warrior, Man-at-Arms, New Vanguard and Fortress.

Let me know if you need anything, just may have it -- but be quick!

I have a large selection of books on Ama


My Books on Amazon Link


Just in - 830 Ospreys!!!


Have I got the ones you want? Let me know

500+ Ospreys just in


Have I got that copy you want - let me know

Still so sorry about the lack of books..


Yes, the so busy period August to mid December was beyond all expectations - WOW!
Added to the above my storage unit (ok, garage) needed a new roof, which caused no end of problems plus having to rent extra space at a Storage Company and the small problem of transporting the stock there. Then the garage was fitted out with racking in mid January and its now a matter of shifting the stock back, over the next 3-4 weeks, then the fun should begin. It also could mean that in the warmer weather I can set up wargames in the new space. There should be plenty of ACW going on.
More news as I get it
Cheers David